Custom sails for sailboats, Italian design

Do you need a custom-made sail for your boat? You are in the right place!

Maximum customization

Sail Design seeks customer’s constant satisfaction through 360-degree listening to the client’s needs and designs tailor-made solutions with as much customization as the customer may desire!

The company has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing custom sails suitable for any type of use (racing, cruising, etc.) and boat (from small beach ones, to medium and large size.).

Sail Design is a sailmaker capable of designing and producing sails in any type of fabric according to different needs.

Custom sails for sailboats

Handcrafted care and personalized finishing

At Sail Design’s workshop in Viareggio, Lucca, specifically at Via di Mezzogiorno No. 13, the staff carefully and meticulously takes care of the entire process that leads to the production of custom and bespoke sails, from design to finishing and eventual testing.

Always, Sail Design employs the best technologies and software for the design and manufacture of quality, high-performance, durable, reliable sails that are right for you!
Sail Design will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quote for the creation of your sails tailored and customized for your boat.

Fill out the form with the information and measurements of the sails and in a short time you will be contacted by Angelo and Martino who will design, together with you, the right project for your needs!

Fill out the form below to request any information, we will be happy to help and support you in choosing the best for you!

We handle the shipping of custom sails and related accessories throughout the country.

We also ship internationally, working with clients from all over the world both at the European level up to the market outside Europe.