Our Services

Sailboats Sail material, Italian design

Sail Design company provides the following services to the best of its potential!

Sail material

Designing and production of custom-made sails

of all types, for any type of boat 

Design and fabrication of sails

accessories and deck hardware

Sail disassembly and reassembly

and on-site assistance

Service, maintenance, inspection

and sail repairs

Sail washing

Storage and winter storage

of sails and nautical equipment

Tailoring textile accessories

for the sailing world

Sale of used and reconditioned sails

and adding accessories to sails

Sales of custom nautical equipment

and accessories

Accessories of our production

Sail Design will provide you with a no-obligation quotation for your custom sails!

Fill out the form with the information and measurements of the sails according to your needs and you will be immediately contacted by the staff!

We handle the shipping of custom sails and related accessories throughout the country.

We also ship internationally, working with clients from all over the world both in Europe to the market outside Europe.

Our Headquarters

We are located at Via di Mezzogiorno n. 13, loc. Bicchio Viareggio, in Lucca!

Come visit us in the Sail Design workshop specializing in designing customized sails for different needs, type of use and boat!